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Hello there~! *Smiles and waves*
There really isnt much for me to say or tell you.
So, Of course you should know that i love poetry.
Um, I like the color teal, Im female ^- ^
i love screamo.Black veil brides, botdf, stuff like that, i like some country like i want crazy by hunter hayes or blown away..
thats all i have to say for now. Bai-bai: D

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Im Sorry?

Im sorry Mom, Im sorry dad...
Im sorry that im not that perfect daughter that youve always wanted.
The one that was good at sports, the one that always does good in school, the one that barely gets introuble at school.The one has a good relationship with her boyfriend....

Im sorry that im not perfect...Im sorry that i mess up and make you mad...im sorry that i cant fix everything...im sorry that im not ment to be a daughter....

Actually....No, Im not sorry for anything.

Im not sorry f

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