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  • ''Love your mind. After all, the heart just pumps blood. It is the brain the one that cares for what surrounds you.''
    Karen Gonzalez-Videla
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  • ''' Look around you and then laugh at yourself. After all, you are as funny as you will ever get.'''
    Karen Gonzalez-Videla
  • ''Each day is gold, each hour silver, each minute bronze and each second a new day''
    Karen Gonzalez-Videla
  • ''Even the perfect are too perfect to be perfect''
    Karen Gonzalez-Videla
  • ''Time is like a horse; it keeps running and running unless you know how to control it''
    Karen Gonzalez-Videla
  • ''There's no such thing as pain... there's just a bunch of sensory neurons sending messages to your brain.''
    This quote was written by me, Karen Gonzalez-Videla, and my dear friend Erin.

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Best Poem of Karen GonzalezVidela

Nature Talks To Me

Everyone says nature does not talk,
They say it just stays there,
They say it does not even explain.
Everyone says nature is just nature,
Something that simply stares,
Something that might leave us one day.
But nature talks to me,
Though nature is everything.
Nature is the wind talking as it whistles,
Nature is a baby
Learning more every day,
Nature is that living whale
The one who seems scared,
The one who talks by crying
When that harpoon crosses it’s flesh.
Nature talks to me,
And nature is the most kind,
The most amazing,
My ...

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Nothing But Void

In the cold right there
Shaking my feet all bared,
What was going on
Still not known,
Why it happened
Seemed to be all blackened,
But kept going on it did
With such force it did not hid
That to move I had

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