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1. Who Shall I Fear 1/4/2013
2. This Too Will Past 1/5/2013
3. No! Not Misery 1/5/2013
4. A Moment In Time 1/15/2013
5. Freedom 2/23/2013
6. Destine To Be 3/5/2013
7. For Better Or Worst 12/13/2012
8. No Greater Love 12/15/2012
9. Forever My Love Dulce Jamdown 12/17/2012
10. A Sheep To My Shepherd 12/23/2012
11. The Beautiful Thing Called Love 9/19/2013
12. I Will Follow 9/20/2013
13. Your Love 12/14/2013
14. Yesterday Dreams 4/1/2014
15. I Die A Thousand Death 12/13/2012
16. Love 9/19/2013
17. Brevity 12/23/2012
18. Count Down To Christmas 12/14/2013
19. Newton Grief Mi Feel Eh Tu 12/16/2012
20. Paper View 12/16/2012
21. Lost Sight 5/16/2013
22. Happy Birthday 9/19/2013
23. Joy! Joy! Joy! 12/23/2012

Comments about Karen Lee

  • Karen Lee Karen Lee (11/3/2016 4:00:00 AM)

    I am not UNDER construction neither am I a finished product. I have learned a long time ago to be comfortable at any levels of live.
    I am not the colors of my hair neither the styles that I wear. Have no fear, I AM A WOMAN! A woman who once was a daughter and a sister full of vigor and life. Who has now becomes a wife and a mother the nurturer of her home. Who has given herself to all the facets of her life never asking for nothing in return. Over time, She has gotten some wear and tear. Tossed by the wind of life, don't worry, she knows how to survived. Many days she has to worked over time to ensure the job gets done when no one in sight. Often she is the first to rise and the last to lay down. Like a vehicle that is over worked, She does break down: trying to find a good mechanic, she can't be laying down, she must be up and running. If you don't believe, take a look at her mileage; this motor has been running twenty years plus. She have been hurt, burn, her pain was much, but none has ever stopped her from becoming the woman who she is. On 👀 stand from the outside looking in, wondering why I am the way I AM? Shushed, don't speak too fast. I am nothing that you will be judging me by. Come, take a walk in my shoes then tell me what it is like to be me. Before you say a word, let me tell you this, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh worked very hard to provide our bread. The fruits of my womb are beautiful and are doing excellent! The works of my hands are draped into the tapestry of our lives and I live by faith not by sight. So be careful on how you judge and what you report because there can be false evidence that apparently seems to be real. I am not perfect, neither have I arrived. I am still on a journey discovering life and sometimes I have to reroute, there are no short cuts, I founded this to be true. You will discover some cuts and bruises that I never complained about, from working in my garden, cooking in the kitchen, playing with the kids, sewing late at nights, volunteering my time, I could go on, but I am tried.

    I rest my case...
    It is very late, I must go to bed, but before I go I want to let you know. I was not only a daughter and a sister, as I am a wife and a mother, I AM A WOMAN!

    Fearless and wonderful made...

    I am not only a woman,
    I am a renaissance woman

    Dedicated to every woman who knows that the struggles are real and out of their struggles found strength, to overcome!


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Joy! Joy! Joy!

The melody of the tune
Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!
Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!
Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Someone always missed the tune
We all laugh
At the end of that song

The sopranos sang
We kept going
It seems so long

I smiled
All the way through this song
We all smiled
When we sang this one

It is the season of joy!
Let, joys rang
Like a bell
It prolong
Joy! Joy! Joy! ...

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I Die A Thousand Death

Life long road are rough and uncertain
The curbs are never ending
No one knows what is truly ahead

I lost my heart on so many thoughts
In joy, in hope, in pain, in love
In each I'm dead

A restless sea of waves I tread

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