karen Schley Biography

Born to Mildred McCollum. who remains to be a source of strength for her daughter.Karen was born the 3rd of 4 children.By her mother. Also she was born 3rd of 4 children on her fathers side. She is the proud mother of a daughter, NIIKYA.A son BRIAN, and a grand-daughter, NayLahnii. Disabled since the age of 5 being a sufferer of Sickle Cell.She was hit in the right eye, and has been legally blind since. Karen, not being able to attend school. Recieved her GED. She than had one of the greatest experiances in her life. The birth of her first born, Niikya who Drs.claimed would never happen. Than attended Nursing School. Which in her heart was placed a 2nd in her dream of being a Dr. With an 94% average & just 92 days til graduation. She was hospitalized. For more complications.
Having her 2nd miracle, her son Brian. She later attended the South Jersey School of Business. Than passing that States qualification for P&C, Health and Life Licence in Insurance. After many more complications, Lupus, Chrones and many surgery's.She spends more than most days in the bed. Where She prays and sends cards of encouragment for many who can't believe in God or others. Certified by her Pastor, As the only Evangilist from the bed, by Heyward Wiggins III. Of Camden Bible Tabernacle. When asked, 'Karen, how do you feel? Her reply is always'.'Better than a body's got a right.'
For after an acute, Kidney Failure.Doctors gave her 18 hours to live.
That was 20 years ago.God gave this body aright to stay. This mind aright to think, this heart a write to.
She currently Recaps, online for the Bold and the Beautiful.On Wed and Thurs.
Whom the King sets free, is free indeed
To my children, thank-you for your support.
To my Mother, thanks for understanding me.
To my friends and Church Family, thanks for being there..
God thank you for your grace, joy when others would have died. Peace that passes all understanding.I thank you. For my life.