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My Name is Anabel i was born in Puerto Rico. i'm 17 year old i'm nice but i can be a real bitch at time. i am a nice person but if yu get me bad yu will enter into a world of pain! so back off i have been hurt a lot in the past but i know at i have thought i have found my soul mate but boy was i wrong: '[ i have been hurt a lot in the past n now at i'm single teen mom i see the world in a different place but it i fight everyday to try 2 make my life better but it hard 2 when ur only 17 alone with a 2 month year old daughter i try to get thought everyday and try 2 fight for mine n Lyssa Marie live it me and her against the world! i'm not gonna fall for these guys lil games anymore so ya lil boys need 2 back off plz n thx yu: ]

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I Think

I think i'm finally over him
It has been a month seen we broke up
i'm being strong n trying 2 be happy
But sad at we cant be together again
i think at i can 4 get you
i think i will be able to be happy
i know ur happy why cant i be? !

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