Karl Stuart Kline

Rookie (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

Biography of Karl Stuart Kline

Karl Stuart Kline poet

I can offer no better biography than the one that was required of me when 'Going Without Peggy' was in the 2006 (published 2005) Pulitzer competition.

It can be seen in full on my web site, www.poeticat.com along with several of my poems, pictures of our cats and other relevant material.

2007- an adaptation of the Pulitzer biography was published by Leicester Review of Books in the UK, subsequently becoming one of their top ten visited pages for three months straight!
http: //leicesterreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/? s=Karl+Stuart+Kline

My other site, www.scaredsafe.org is designed with Human Trafficking in mind...!

July,2008 - The PoemHunter site has 'top 500' listings for the relative popularity of their poet members. There is one such listing for each country and another for the world as a whole. I am pleased to say that on that list, I have risen as high as the top ten (#10) for the USA and to #43 for the world.

Karl Stuart Kline's Works:

Poison Pearls (2004)
ISBN 1-4137-1502-8
Going Without Peggy (2005)
ISBN 1-4137-7178-5
Brain Stemmed Roses (2006)
ISBN 1-4241-3543-5

PoemHunter.com Updates

(1.1) Peggy

The beauty that could not be seen,
But was always there.
The wealth of love and spirit
That she had to share
Was most wond'rously graced
By face and figure fair...
A gentle laughing spirit,
Always happy to be there.

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