Karl Stuart Kline

Rookie (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

Karl Stuart Kline Poems

41. Earthquake! 1/26/2010
42. The Widower 1/26/2010
43. Blessed 1/27/2010
44. Too Many Sad Songs 1/27/2010
45. No Rest For The Wicked 2/4/2010
46. A Beautiful Heart? 8/19/2008
47. Beating The Bully 8/19/2008
48. End This War 12/10/2008
49. The African Collection (A True Story!) 12/19/2006
50. Witness... 4/4/2007
51. Preachers And Presidents 7/2/2008
52. Hunter's Moon - About The Poem 4/3/2008
53. For A Distant Friend... 5/14/2007
54. (1.8) The Best Of 2003 (Written By Request For The Ilp Book Of The Same Name) 1/3/2007
55. The Celtic Queen 5/27/2008
56. The Runaway (Caged With Psychotics!) 2/15/2008
57. (1.3) Love On The Mountaintop 11/18/2006
58. (1.2) To Be My Wife 11/18/2006
59. (1.5) The Dreamer 11/18/2006
60. (1.5) The Dreamer, Part 2 11/18/2006
61. (1.5) Thoughts 11/18/2006
62. (1.1) Peggy 11/18/2006
63. (1.6) Unfinished Symphony (12/21/03) (It's Recorded In Ancient Lore...) 11/18/2006
64. (1.7) Blessed Be 11/23/2006
65. Abusing Women Ii 12/9/2008
66. Gang Bang 12/19/2006
67. (1.2) One In A Thousand 11/18/2006
68. (1.5) Seeking The Healing Power Of Sleep 11/18/2006
69. (1.1) Truly 11/16/2006
70. The Onion Man 6/12/2008
71. “i Don’t Like Poetry! ” 3/24/2008
72. Abusing Women 12/9/2008
73. (3.5) Waiting At I.N.S. (3/22/2001) 3/31/2007
74. (3.31) For Tirana 7/9/2008
75. (2.22) Slavery 11/21/2006
76. (3.31) The Caress (Chastised!) 12/19/2006
77. (3.31) The Stripper (4/18/99) 12/20/2006
78. (3.3) Black Widow 12/28/2006
79. (3.23) Love Amongst The Pines (1969) 12/28/2006
80. (2.3) Russian Brides #2 (9/8/01) Some Become Victims... 12/8/2006

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  • Herman Dexter Herman Dexter (5/14/2014 11:02:00 PM)

    recorded a song version of Storm's End here: http: //www.ohmstudio.com/session/214001/storm

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  • Karl Stuart Kline (Human Rights) (11/25/2006 7:31:00 AM)

    Curious about the numbers in my poem titles?
    I used them to put my poems in chronological order, so that anyone who reads them in order will find that they're reading a story of sorts. The reason that I lead with the Epilepsy poem is that it's something that both Peggy and I had to deal with since we were children. It's also what ultimately brought us together and helped tomake our relationship very special because each of us always had that unspoken understanding for what the other had been through...

    For anyone who might be checking my links below; I've erased them!
    It seems that I'm not the only high profile 'Karl Kline', so they confused the issue intead of clarifying it. Until Poemhunters puts up a search that includes my middle name, you can do a search for 'Karl Stuart Kline' or go directly to one of my sites at www.poeticat.com, www.poeticat.net or www.scaredsafe.org

    Karl Stuart Kline

Best Poem of Karl Stuart Kline

(2.2) Waking With Robert Frost (Written 9/11/2001 - 7am)

I woke up with Robert Frost this morning...
with sweep of wind and downy flake
I woke and I could see without warning
His Woods as his little horse gave his head a shake...

The road less taken has brought me here
To where I’ve stopped without a farmhouse near
Meditating on what has brought me to this queer
Circumstance and I pause in solitary fear,

Thinking back to words unsaid and deeds undone
Realising that I am fortunate that they are few...
I can see that my Self is greater than the sum
Of my parts, even though I still have much to do

My ...

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(1.5) Thoughts

How do you leave your love?
Twinned, as it seems, since birth
The spirit has left the flesh
And its' vessel is returned to earth.

You can never leave your love,
For that spirit is there to stay,
You might in time find another,
But wonder if you'll rue the day...

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