Karl Tanner

Rookie - 48 Points [Fookin Legend] (Flea Bottom - Gin Alley)

Biography of Karl Tanner

Although coming from a poor background Karl strived to leave Flea Bottom, eventually making a name for himself as a highly-capable enforcer, assassin, and cutthroat. Karl was eventually sent to the Wall and became a ranger of the Night's Watch.Karl survived the White Walkers' attack on the Fist of the First Men, and regrouped with the remaining survivors as they attempted to regroup at the wall. He eventually decided to reside at Crastor's keep along with his dear friends Tom and Rast. Where he resides to this day, drunkenly singing and having illegitimate children with Crastor's former wives.

Karl Tanner's Works:

Crastor's keep: An occupation
How to mutiny
How to fook

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In Tom We Trust

In yonder land where once we lay
I strived to fight another day
But from the smoke, did he come
Alas the beating of the drum
Twas Tom!
He who came, we did rejoice
Whilst we listened he gave us choice
To follow him
And save our skin
Twas Tom!
What a fookin' legend

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