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1. I Must Let Go 10/28/2009
2. Numb 10/28/2009
3. At All 10/28/2009
4. I'M Choked 10/28/2009
5. She'Ll Not Complain 10/29/2009
6. Hurting 10/29/2009
7. Paths 10/29/2009
8. I Need, I Crave, I Demand 10/29/2009
9. No I Don'T 10/30/2009
10. Messed Up Beds 10/30/2009
11. Gaps 10/30/2009
12. Yessum 10/30/2009
13. What Colour Do You Go By? 10/30/2009
14. Ever 11/8/2009
15. Pointing At Me 11/8/2009
16. I Only See The Pain 11/10/2009
17. Your Castle You'Re King 4/17/2012
18. Sit Pretty Little Girl 4/17/2012
19. Funny Eh! 10/25/2012
20. Shard Glass 11/12/2012
21. The Seducer 11/28/2012
22. Moonshine 5/22/2013
23. Apples 10/6/2013
24. Little Aedan 3/26/2014
25. Me And My Mate! 11/12/2014
26. Crumbs On The Table 4/14/2013
27. Humpty Dumpty! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10/29/2009
28. An Unorganised Mess 10/28/2009
29. Mum... If Only 3/20/2014
30. Silence 10/28/2009

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Silence holds more voice than any shouting or screaming,
Silence can be heard for miles,
Silence is the key to everything and the doorway to nothing.
Silently you choose to be and silence is your eternity
You cannot hold silence in your arms and nourish it,
But silence in your heart can take away with it every beat, and from your body, each breath and from your soul the ability to fly.
Beware of silence as it might creep up on you and take you by surprise.

Karla Bell

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i can't see clearly with the fog in my mind
i'm numb from my toes to my head
i'm completely bemused by the friends that I find
and the fact I wish I was.........

in my carrier bag is the whole of the world,
it weighs heavy as a water logged tree,
it has names and pains carved all over its skin
and a heart thats bloods very thin

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