Karoliena Somura

Rookie (November / Japan)

Biography of Karoliena Somura

Ethnicities: Jamaican, Japanese, Taiwanese, Dominican, Spanish, and Egyptian. As far as I know anyway.

Personality: My poems open up the core of who I really am, so find me there.

Facebook: rainapo@ymail.com

Favorite Quotes: 'Scars may not heal, but they'll fade.'
'Those who laugh at love, cry for love'
'If you want to fool the world, tell the truth'
'The best thing you can do is get up... When life has abandoned you'
'People run from my secrets when I can't, so I won't run from yours'

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Take Me To The Hospital

The weight put on my back
Is causing my spine to crack,
The tears I bleed everynight
Is not a pretty sight.
The school to where I go
Is a place where people know
The energy used to get up everyday
Is making me tired in every single way.

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