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Believed in love all my life, not just an ordinary love but one that can not come close to words, something magical, felt as if God came down and showed me how to love, to truly feel the essence and meaning of the word.
As a child even though pain comes knocking down I thrived on seeing others happy, it gave me something inside I will never forget and it remains there to this day, it only grows stronger.
I believe we are here to love and only love as we journey, our soul grows and evolves, we feel so much inside and the experience in life is beautiful with every breath we take. What is beautiful to me is that we are all equal come from the same source just here taking different roads, experiencing life according how we see it individually, what works for each and every one of us and yet we feel the same we have all the same senses. I have grown so much within myself, loving God and thanking him for all the gifts I have, the only thing important to me in my life is love nothing else matters and my poems express the deepest parts of my heart and soul, as if the words come raw from that depth of me, no edits for the eyes to see but only for the soul to feel, I believe in raw poetry, the moment when expression comes poring down in the rhythm of each heart beat, the moment, the words to me don't have to make sense to us human eyes but the language is beautiful, the essence of the moment raw and filled what so much feelings, through the eyes that see from within. Every poem is beautiful it is part of the human soul and the living heart. Through my pain and darkness I have seen the light and Gods hand upon us all. I am so happy to be able to share a part of who I am with all of you and if one of my poems can touch you and make your life happier that is the best gift I could ever receive. Love and Light to all of you!

Kasia Fedyk's Works:

Self published on Kindle 'soul whispers'

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Oh Universe

Oh universe
so many questions yet unanswered
so many roads yet to take,
but all no mistake.
i will travel through light and dark
to find the path i must embark
i manifest my dreams with the tools i have
i create my destiny for destiny's sake
for my eyes not seen it all

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