Kaspa Richards

Rookie (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Kaspa Richards Poems

1. Relationship Memory 11/13/2007
2. Score For A Score 11/13/2007
3. Sunshine 11/13/2007
4. Venting 11/13/2007
5. Taking A Bow 11/20/2007
6. Thanks To You 11/22/2007
7. Diamonds And Pearls 1/12/2008
8. Feels Like 1/13/2008
9. Life’s A Funfair 1/20/2008
10. Snapshot Of A Working Girl 2/16/2008
11. You’ve Got Me Believing 2/29/2008
12. When Your Dough Gets Low 5/4/2008
13. Tied Up In Ropes 6/13/2008
14. Watch Her Flower 6/26/2008
15. Lazy Summer 6/29/2008
16. Irrational Thoughts 7/2/2008
17. Safe In The Light 7/20/2008
18. No Sun In The Sky 7/23/2008
19. Fates Creations 8/5/2008
20. The Same Street 8/11/2008
21. Distorted Images 8/19/2008
22. Shatter 10/7/2008
23. Firelight In The Darkness 10/18/2008
24. Loved You Since That Day 10/23/2008
25. Hired Help 11/5/2008
26. A Scribble 11/19/2008
27. Bubbling Away 12/6/2008
28. Mary Jane 12/8/2008
29. Class Time 12/8/2008
30. Inside Of Me In A Prison Of Dreams 9/22/2008
31. An Over Flow Of Bubbles And Blows 2/18/2009
32. A Mind To Explore 2/23/2009
33. Fake Mentality 3/31/2009
34. A Fabricated Nation 7/27/2009
35. Bright Star 7/29/2009
36. My Reconstruction 8/10/2009
37. The Stella Man 10/4/2009
38. Big Sister 10/5/2009
39. People Of The Irrelevant 11/9/2009
40. Eternal Brotherhood 11/22/2009
Best Poem of Kaspa Richards

****early Mornings****

Eyes awaken into the darkness
Put into action the routine I've mastered
Work is the only place I hear laughter
So I pick up my pace and get ready faster

I open the front door and face the blunt storm
Try to forget the storm and dream of the warm
Eyes squint as I perform the ritual morning yawn
Head out of the lift into the mist of the crisp night morn

With every step work draws me near
Face first into the rain
As the blistering wind blows out a tear
Grey city looking the same

Street lights give there orange glow thru the wet air
Individual ...

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Need a spark in my life something to get it all started again
So I can wake up knowing if I get out of bed I got something to gain
To have a smile on my face knowing that both friends and family aren’t simultaneously giving me pain
I could even have an uncomplicated girl in my life with a pretty little name
Someone to share my life with where every single day isn’t the same
I’m not greedy I don’t want the perfect life or to be a person with a lot of fame
Getting bored with turning to peopl

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