Kassem Oude

Gold Star - 27,398 Points (1955 / Lebanon)

Kassem Oude Quotes

  • ''If you ascribe fake epithet to your foe it is in you.''
    When someone accuses other of bad creeds he's worse.
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  • ''It is most important that my horse be sated and after him let all pasture decay.''
    When someone tries to attain his wild goal whatever it costs against all's favors.
  • ''As maidens await in the trysts so for what is loitering?''
    When bliss is better than earth life then why should we dwell in for long?
  • ''No glory is erected but upon skulls.''
    All states sprout after bloodshed.
  • ''Severe viruses ambush whom who loses immunity.''
    He does many evil deeds who sells his conscience.
  • ''He's granted piercing sight who sees through thick fog.''
    One can distinguish truth despite common rumors.
  • ''Bulbs of Autumn fruits are too sweet or too rotten.''
    In old age, the good one becomes best and the bad worst.
  • ''Even grand lake becomes stinky if it lacks new water.''
    The brain becomes boring without new knowledge.
  • ''What for use are the rusted metals but to be tossed and replaced?''
    Old trivial lore should be substituted by new and rational.
  • ''Be like the needle, it does join darn remove thorns cure and usher to the right way.''
    Be useful everywhere.

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Best Poem of Kassem Oude

A Gift Of God

God chose the special angels
When decided to do my mate
Assigned holyday to create
He used his best apparel

Rolled the dough by tasty juice
Extracted of paradise fruits
All day's work was hard acute
Then He took full weekend truce

Of eyes a light beam emerges
Red apple tinge defy her cheeks
Jujube fruits would red lips pick
Body white fresh snow would merge

In my brain a mind could remain
Of those wines soul be satiate? !
Short time to time couldn't wait
Rose off butterfly could entertain?

Divine secret put in her ...

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Beauty For Love

For love beauty you're mine
For my soul you're wine
Angelic face charming eyes
Always at I would pry
Little mouth shining teeth
Fresh snow'n cherry sheath
Long brown finest hair
Caress I envy small air
The tender'n best chest

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