Kate Buxbaum Prado

Biography of Kate Buxbaum Prado

Kate Prado is the youngest daughter of the well known writer, the late Martin Buxbaum.

Martin Buxbaum, 'Bux, ' was best known for his publication from Marriott Hot Shoppes called 'Table Talk.' His books are sold on Amazon.com, Ebay, Alribis Books.com and Biblio.com.

Kate published her own book of verses called 'Angel's Wings and Secret Things' in 2005. She has been published with The Salvation Army, H.E.R. Magazine, Chicken Soup For The Soul and her verses can be found on many web sites such as quotiki.com.

Kate writes under the name Prado's Pen and resdies in Hagerstown, Maryland. Her web site can be found at www.pradospen.com

'Leave more for others to follow, than footprints in the water.' Martin Buxbaum

Kate Buxbaum Prado's Works:

Angel's Wings and Secret Things

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Precious Love

There are no words upon the earth,
that can tell of the joy
of a baby's birth.
These miracles sent from heaven above,
are living proof
of God's precious love.