Katelynn Farris

Katelynn Farris Poems

1. Classroom 3/17/2006
2. Such A Strong Word 3/17/2006
3. Cant Fly 4/10/2006
4. You And Me 4/10/2006
5. Joe 3 4/10/2006
6. Not Wanting The Truth 5/12/2006
7. I Tell.... 5/12/2006
8. Crippled 9/2/2007
9. R.I.P. Love 9/2/2007
10. Gasping 9/2/2007
11. Im Not Quite Sure Whats This Is About So Ya 4/19/2006
12. Save Me 9/2/2007
13. School Time Drama 9/2/2007
14. To Him 9/2/2007
15. Hacken In Heaven 9/2/2007
16. Why Would It Matter? 9/2/2007
17. Sway 9/2/2007
18. Does He Love Me? 4/20/2005
19. Without Something 5/30/2005
20. My Father 5/30/2005
21. Mable Dodd 6/16/2005
22. Freezing Tears 2/17/2006
23. The Glass With The Face Of Jesus 2/17/2006
24. Echo (Similar To Freezing Tears) 2/17/2006
25. My Broken Heart 3/16/2006
26. A Poem With No Title 3/16/2006

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A Poem With No Title

What did I do so wrong?
That made you throw me aside,
You told me you loved me,
I was stupid enough to believe it,
You held my hand,
Told me everything was fine,
I felt that was true,
Until you pushed me aside,
I felt so alone,
I couldn’t think,
I didn’t know what I did that was so horrible,
But I’m sorry,
I don’t know what to do,
I feel like a little kid that has lost a parent,
I not only loved you,
But you were my best friend,
When you decided I was trash and took me out,
We lost all that,
And we can never regain it ...

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Mable Dodd

Grandma i miss you so much
i dont reamber alot of the stuff we did together
and that is what weighs my heart
you laid in that bed for eight years
and we would come to visit
after you couldnt walk or talk is when i felt so weird
when you die my mother cried and so did i
because i do reamber some of those wonderful times we had together
like when mom was working

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