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1. Forever More 3/9/2013
2. The Graceful Death 3/9/2013
3. Valentine Valentine 3/9/2013
4. Do You Know Love? 3/9/2013
5. I Love You More Than Anyone Else Can 3/26/2013
6. Winter Kiss 3/26/2013
7. .. 4/19/2013
8. Summer.....Ugh 6/21/2013
9. G.W.J 7/2/2013
10. Let My Anger Out 7/2/2013
11. When Will It End? 7/3/2013
12. My Inner Humantity Of Insanity 8/26/2013
13. I Thought That We Could Work 8/8/2013
14. You Are My Animal 10/13/2013
15. I Could Lay In Your Embrace 11/10/2013
16. In The Darkness, You Can Find Light 11/12/2013
17. Teenage Girls. Every One Of Them. 11/12/2013
18. Mad Or Sane 8/3/2014
19. Drowning With Lies 12/6/2014
20. Childhood 8/24/2015
21. Happy Home 10/7/2013
22. Little Pink Flower 11/12/2013
23. Dark And Light 11/12/2013
24. Bad Little Boy. You Hurt Me. 9/16/2013
25. Sweet, But It's Not Home 3/13/2013
26. I Thanks God For Letting Me Have You 3/26/2013
27. I'M On My Stone 9/23/2013
28. I'M Sorry 6/21/2013

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I'M Sorry

I hurt your feelings and your heart.
But I really hope this doesn't tear us apart.
You mean too much to let you go,
And I hope you know,
That I love you with every fiber of my being.
Probably more love that has ever been seen.
You know I'd never hurt you on purpose,
you know I'd never try.
And now I feel like such a doofus,
but I cannot tell a lie.
I went too far, I did too much.
I will not beat around the bush.
I messed up, and that I know.
But please don't leave me....
Please don't go....
I said I'm sorry, and I'll make it up.
You see, ...

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Do You Know Love?

Just remember you have love. You know and feel it's worth it.
Picture all the good things...
Without these, you'd be left with the wind and rains stings.
Have you ever heard ' i love you ' from their lips?
Has those same lips given you the softest kiss?
Have you ever felt as though the world is perfect,
just being by their side?
Has your heart grown wide?

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