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Katharina Schultens (born 1980 in Kirchen, Germany) published three collections of poetry. For her first collection, Aufbrüche (2004) she won the 2005 Martha Saalfeld promotion prize, with the jury praising her for developing “impressively worked poems where ideas meet reined-in impressionistic power in great lightness and certainty of form”. Other awards include the 2007 Georg K. Glaser promotion prize and the promotion prize for the Art Prize of the State of Rhineland Palatinate in 2009. In 2011, her second collection gierstabil was published, followed by gorgos portfolio in 2014.

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Your scanning of my substance gives me sight, though I cannot see you.
Your body as I build it remains unresolved. I own you only
when you stay in view. Move outside the field of vision to take yourself back.

In your scanning of my multi-conduits have you accounted for what's me?
have you codings set aside for counting sheep? have you considered every possibility?
Am I a member of your misdirected flock? an aspect of your unwiped history?

In searching for me how do you begin? what fact