Katharine Tynan Hinkson

(23 January 1859 - 2 April 1931 / Clondalkin, County Dublin)

Biography of Katharine Tynan Hinkson

Katharine Tynan Hinkson poet

Katharine Tynan was an Irish-born writer, known mainly for her novels and poetry. After her marriage in 1898 to the writer and barrister Henry Albert Hinkson (1865–1919) she usually wrote under the name Katharine Tynan Hinkson (or Katharine Tynan-Hinkson or Katharine Hinkson-Tynan). Of their three children, Pamela Hinkson (1900–1982) was also known as a writer.


Tynan was born into a large farming family in Clondalkin, County Dublin, and educated at a convent school in Drogheda. Her poems were first published in 1878. She met and became friendly with the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins in 1886. Tynan went on to play a major part in Dublin literary circles, until she married and moved to England; later she lived at Claremorris, County Mayo when her husband was a magistrate there from 1914 until 1919.

For a while, Tynan was a close associate of William Butler Yeats (who may have proposed marriage and been rejected, around 1885), and later a correspondent of Francis Ledwidge. She is said to have written over 100 novels; there were some unsurprising comments about a lack of self-criticism in her output. Her Collected Poems appeared in 1930; she also wrote five autobiographical volumes.

Tynan died in 1931 in Kensal Green, London.

Katharine Tynan Hinkson's Works:

Louise de la Vallière (1885) poems
Shamrocks (1887)
Ballads & Lyrics (1891)
Irish Love-Songs (1892)
A Cluster of Nuts, Being Sketches Among My Own People (1894)
Cuckoo Songs (1894)
Miracle Plays (1895)
The Land of Mist and Mountain (1895)
The Way of a Maid (1895)
Three Fair Maids, or the Burkes of Derrymore (c.1895) later Illustrated by G. Demain Hammond
An Isle in the Water (1896)
The Golden Lily (1899)
The Dear Irish Girl (1899)
Oh, What a plague is Love! (1900)
Her Father's Daughter (1900)
Poems (1901)
A Daughter Of The Fields (1901)
A King’s Woman (1902)
Love of Sisters (1902)
The Great Captain: A Story of the Days of Sir Walter Raleigh (1902)
The Handsome Quaker, and other Stories (1902)
The Adventures of Carlo (1903) illustrated by E. A. Cubitt
The Luck of the Fairfaxes (1904)
A Daughter of Kings (1905)
Innocencies (1905) poems
For the White Rose (1905)
A Little Book for Mary Gill's Friends (1905)
The Story of Bawn (1906)
The Yellow Domino (1906)
Book of Memory (1906)
Dick Pentreath (1906)
The Cabinet of Irish Literature. (4 volumes) (1906) editor, expansion of work by Charles Read
The Rhymed Life of St Patrick (1907) Illustrated by Lyndsay Symington
Twenty-One poems, selected by W. B. Yeats (Dun Emer Press, 1907)
A Little Book of XXIV Carols (1907)
Father Mathew (1908) biography of Theobald Mathew
Experiences (1908)
A Union of Hearts (1908)
The House of the Crickets (1908)
Ireland (1909)
A Little Book for John O'Mahony's Friends (1909)
The Book Of Flowers (1909) with Frances Maitland
Mary Gray(1909)
A Girl of Galway
The Rich Man
A Red, Red Rose (c.1910)
Heart O' Gold or the Little Princess
The Story of Cecelia (1911)
New Poems (1911)
Princess Katharine (1911)
Twenty-five Years: Reminiscences (1913)
Irish Poems (1913)
The Wild Harp (1913) poetry anthology, editor, illustrated by C. M. Watts
A Mesalliance (1913)
The Daughter of the Manor (1914) illustrated by John Campbell
A Shameful Inheritance (1914)
The Flower of Peace (1914) poems
Mary Beaudesert, V. S. (1915)
Flower of Youth (1915) poems
The Curse of Castle Eagle (1915)
The House of the Foxes (1915) novel
Joining the colours (1916)
Lord Edward: A Study in Romance (1916)
The Middle Years (1916)
Margery Dawe (1916) illustrated by Frank E. Wiles
Late Songs (1917)
Herb O'Grace (1918) poems
The sad years (1918) tribute to Dora Sigerson
The Years of the Shadow (1919)
The Honourable Molly (1919)
Denys the Dreamer (1920)
The Handsome Brandons (1921) Illustrated by G. D. Hammond
The Wandering Years (1922)
Evensong (1922)
White Ladies (1922)
A Mad Marriage (1922) novel
Memories (1924)
The Man from Australia (1925)
The Wild Adventure (1927)
Twilight Songs (1927)
The Face in the Picture (1927)
Haroun of London (1927)
Pat, the Adventurer (1928)
Bitha's Wonderful Year (1928)
The Respectable Lady (1928)
The River (1929)
Castle Perilous (1929)
The Squire’s Sweetheart (1930)
Denise the Daughter (1930)
Collected Poems (1930)
The Admirable Simmons (1930)
The Forbidden Way (1931)
Philippa's Lover (1931)
A Lonely Maid (1931)
The Story of Our Lord (1932)
The Other Man (1932)
An International Marriage (1933)
Londonderry Air (1935)
The Briar Bush Maid
A little radiant girl, illustrated by John Campbell
A Passionate Pilgrim
The Poems of Katharine Tynan (1963) edited by Monk Gibbon
A Girls Song"

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A Lament

(For Holy Cross Day, 1914)

Clouds is under clouds and rain
For there will not come again
Two, the beloved sire and son
Whom all gifts were rained upon.

Kindness is all done, alas,
Courtesy and grace must pass,

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