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Katherine Bryce Poems

1. Good-Bye Forever 5/12/2011
2. I Begin To Fall Apart 5/12/2011
3. Save Me From This 5/12/2011
4. You'Ll Never Know 5/12/2011
5. Freedom, Alas 5/14/2011
6. Slips Away 5/24/2011
7. As I Watch 5/26/2011
8. Journey 6/24/2011
9. All It Takes Istime 6/24/2011
10. My Deal 6/28/2011
11. Highest Hill 6/30/2011
12. C'Est La Vie 7/1/2011
13. Fade Away 6/23/2011
14. Falling For You 7/4/2011
15. Lies 7/4/2011
16. Brightens My World 7/7/2011
17. Life Is ... 6/23/2011
18. Empty Words 7/10/2011
19. Playing Games 10/6/2011
20. Get My Mind Around 10/6/2011
21. Sitting Alone 7/7/2011
22. Sparkle 10/25/2011
23. It'Ll Never Be Understood 10/26/2011
24. Lay It On Me 10/27/2011
25. Cost Of Love 10/30/2011
26. Tears Will Always Shed 10/30/2011
27. I Can'T Erase You 11/5/2011
28. I Want To Be Me 11/5/2011
29. Your Tears Are My Scars 11/7/2011
30. The One I Need 11/8/2011
31. Just For We Two 11/10/2011
32. Beat Of Your Heart 12/10/2011
33. Revisit The Past 12/19/2011
34. Truly Grown 12/23/2011
35. Mystery In The Sky 12/23/2011
36. Shine Your Light 1/1/2012
37. Words So Deep 1/16/2012
38. I Cry Out 1/17/2012
39. Only One On My Mind 1/21/2012
40. Far-Fetched Dreams 2/1/2012

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Best Poem of Katherine Bryce

People Change

People change,
and so have you,
I never want to know,
the truth within you.

Your love seemed true,
if I only knew,
that i would end up,
hating you like I do.

I said no,
why can't it be,
just that easy,
for you to see.

I'm tired of this,
I'm sorry to say,
it will never work,
it'll never be the same.

So pack up your bags,
and walk out that door,
please don't make me,
suffer anymore.

I know you'll miss me,
but I won't miss you,
so good-bye,
and please never return.

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Good-Bye Forever

time slowly passes,
and I just sit and wait for something to happen,
and yet nothing,
all I hear is the second hand ticking and rain drops hitting the ground,
but as I go look outside to see this rain,
I notice it isn't rain at all it's my tears hitting the wooden desk,
no one knows,
and no one sees the truth that lies within,
to you I'm just a little kid but to my family I'm stronger,

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