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Greetings people! My name is Katherine Byrd. I enjoy reading and writing poetry quite a bit. Please read some of my poems... I am in high school and cannot let most people read what I write because they cannot comprehend its meaning. So, I do not know if my poetry is worth anything or not. Some comments with feedback would be nice and please do not judge my punctuation, I know it is probably mostly wrong.

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Crying Sky

My eyes wander to the window glass
And I see the sky crying
On tree, dirt, and grass,
Like a lover's broken heart of truth lying.

I run outside to where tears pound my face
And scream ‘Why must you cry? You know no real pain! '
No one wants to see my real face, for I am dead in this place.
So I scream ‘You cry in face of sadness when I am under lock and key of pain! '

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