Katherine Rhodes

Rookie (Beaver Dam, WI)

Katherine Rhodes Poems

1. Snowflakes In My Hand 9/11/2006
2. He Protected Me 9/17/2006
3. Wasted 9/24/2006
4. Fall Breath (Unrhymed) 10/7/2006
5. Stupid Me 10/9/2006
6. Fall Breath (Rhymed) 10/10/2006
7. Unconditional 10/21/2006
8. Like Annie 10/22/2006
9. Dancing On Air 11/19/2006
10. A Virtue Well Tested 11/22/2006
11. Roses And Rings 12/1/2006
12. Neither Knowing 12/11/2006
13. Mirror, Mirror 1/15/2007
14. For My Silent One 1/31/2007
15. This Is Not Me 3/21/2007
16. I Can'T Anymore 3/31/2007
17. My Attempt 4/2/2007
18. A Tired Friend 2/4/2007
19. Second Chance For Love 2/9/2007
20. Cold Again 4/12/2007
21. Exit Stage Right 12/4/2007
22. You, My Snow Flake 12/6/2007
23. Sonata In 'A' Minor For Tears 2/14/2008
24. To Whom It May Concern 8/26/2008
25. Small Talk 9/28/2006
26. Internal Conflict 8/26/2008
27. Life Was A Dream Come True 9/28/2006
28. Two Loves Of Mine 9/11/2006
29. Space Behind The Door 9/13/2006
30. My Monotony 9/16/2006
31. Silhouettes And Gray 1/15/2007
32. Be My 10/15/2006
33. No We, Just Me 4/28/2008
34. Here Is Why 4/24/2007
35. The Trees And The Lights And The Signs And Our Past 11/26/2007
36. The Back Of Your Head Is Tiresome 2/24/2007
37. A Change Of Heart 4/3/2007
38. The Beat, You And I 4/5/2007
39. No Doubts Of You 2/4/2007
40. Your Words 9/11/2006
Best Poem of Katherine Rhodes

Secret Love

My heart may not be so cold
nor my eyes so crystal clear
as the glaciers, but I am bold
enough to tell you of my fear
That you might have been the fire
to set ablaze my stonecold heart.
And do not tell me of desire,
for you have only heard a part
of the tragedy within me.
Of the secret or so called lies.
It is not so easy to let you see
behind the ice within these eyes.
To let you in, though I want to,
proves more difficult than it seems.
If I desire to be with you
I must shatter anothers dreams.
This does not make you any less
worthy of my...

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Space Behind The Door

My Love is standing at the door
requesting to come in,
and so the space behind the door
is full once more.

There is a stranger at the door,
requesting to come in,
But the space behind the door
can hold no more.

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