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1. What Have We Lost............. 7/16/2009
2. Memory 7/23/2009
3. Always Here 7/23/2009
4. Be Good To My Children 7/23/2009
5. I Never Dreamed 7/23/2009
6. Love Lives On 8/2/2009
7. Tabloid Trash 8/2/2009
8. To The Fans 8/2/2009
9. Faith 8/2/2009
10. Stages 8/2/2009
11. Each Heart 8/3/2009
12. You And Me 8/4/2009
13. Please Continue 8/5/2009
14. Waiting 8/6/2009
15. Endangered 8/9/2009
16. The Kingdom 8/9/2009
17. Insane 8/12/2009
18. Sowing The Truth 8/13/2009
19. Carousel 8/14/2009
20. Locked Inside 8/14/2009
21. A Second Chance 8/19/2009
22. Taking Back 8/23/2009
23. Take Time 8/23/2009
24. The Reason We'Re Free 8/26/2009
25. Our Light 9/1/2009
26. A Gift 9/19/2009
27. Blue Eyes 9/19/2009
28. Compassion 9/27/2009
29. Caylee Marie Anthony 7/6/2011
30. 11th Of September 9/11/2011
31. Dear Michael 7/15/2009
32. Whats In A Name 8/12/2009
33. Sweet Love 7/16/2009
34. Forbidden Lust 9/7/2009
35. I Have Nothing Left To Give 8/11/2009

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I Have Nothing Left To Give

BY: Kathryn O.

I have nothing left to give
I only wanted to live
The rest of my life in peace
I wanted the lies to cease
For all my dignity and pride
No one could abide
The decency to let me be
Finally I am free

Nothing more can be said
The issue of boys in my bed
Once the lie was spoken
I became a token
Of jokes and mud slinging
To my sanity I was clinging

I alone had to bare
The evil and taunting stare
Of those that accused me
Those that abused me
Taking MY life for granted
You’re a ...

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Time heals all wounds they say
And there will not come a day
When I don’t see your smiling face
And wish I could erase
All the hurt you felt inside
I know you had pride
In your families heritage
People tried to disparage
I am black, that’s a fact

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