kathryn briones

Rookie (5/2/1999 / Ancorage, Alaska)

Biography of kathryn briones

theres not much to say about me..my father has been in jail most of my life and even when he wasnt i never saw him.I moved around alot as a little kid, sometimes back to same place more than once or twice.I never had many friends and at one point no friends at all, i guess i was to 'weird'.I was also bullied alot and taken advantage of..then once i moved back to santa clara in 2009ish most of my life got better.But now i suffer from the shit i went through and im pretty messed up now..

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thoughts oh thoughts in my mind why do you do this to me
because now everything is what's wrong with me
and i fear no one needs me

my vision has become blurred and now i hate what i see
when i look in the mirror
my damn thoughts did this to me

i am not happy nor sad anymore

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