Kathryn Thomas

Rookie (05/29/19? ? / Michigan)

Biography of Kathryn Thomas

I'm a student at a HS in Ypsilanti. I first discovered I loved to write in the 3rd grade when one of our assignments was to write a story about anything we wanted to. I wrote a poem on how to get to the center of the earth in 7 easy steps. It was a major hit. At that time I didn't realize I loved it so much...I guess it was because I was forced to do it. When I write, it has to come from the heart and not from an assignment I have to do, ya know? !

Kathryn Thomas's Works:

I don't have any published books, but I have a poem being published through a friend of mine who works at a publishing station in New York and Colorado Springs. So she agreed that she would publish it for me. Please, I don't take requests for her. If you want something published, I'm not the way to go about it!

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Fresh cut grass after a rain;
A rainbow in the sky;
Doves cooing their beautiful songs;
Baby birds chirping for food;
Does with fawns;
Bear cubs wrestling in the dirt;
Green grass in the pastures;
Yellow rays of sun peeping through the clouds;
Running barefoot across the prairie;