Kathy Ward

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Biography of Kathy Ward

I love writting poems and stories. I wrote my first story in school around age 6. I used to get told I day dream to often in class, this is what writers do, daydream, daydream about things to write about. I one an award called the editors choice award for a poem called a Mothers Love. I am currently writting my first book, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed and see how it goes. I think if you have got a passion for writing don't give up, keep at it!

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Mysterious Ways

You soothed my soul,
with your kind words that made me feel whole.
All alone I was, you came along,
and gave me back my inner song.

What a wonderful friend you are,
don't ever go to far.
To make ones day feel bright,
you helped me to shine my light.

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