Kathy Ward

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Biography of Kathy Ward

I love writting poems and stories. I wrote my first story in school around age 6. I used to get told I day dream to often in class, this is what writers do, daydream, daydream about things to write about. I one an award called the editors choice award for a poem called a Mothers Love. I am currently writting my first book, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed and see how it goes. I think if you have got a passion for writing don't give up, keep at it!

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Natures Hum And Tune

Sitting in nature brings a deep connection,
Lilly pads, and lotus flower,
frogs and trees,
you can hear natures hum and tune,
if only you listen.

The waterfall cascading down,
the ripples of water over the rocks,
birds chirping in the distance,

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