Kati Reeves

Kati Reeves Quotes

  • ''I love you! Yes, you heard me. Can you feel me even when im not near. Cause darling I can feel u. Your my everything. Your my life. You have truely savesd my life''
    To my best friend. James whome i wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for him. Calling me that day. I was gonna end all the pain. Instead love and a darn good man. I gained
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Dancing Shoes

Rock a bye baby in you little dancing dancing shoes,
dance the dance that makes us smile tonight.
I know mommy's not there right now but if we close our
eye's with all our might our hearts will take us to the past
that our memories shine forever bright, and if we close our eyes we can picture the music, and our movements of our mommy daughter dance. So mommy's girls hush now don't cry our heart will forever be close. So when your feeling blue, shine your dancing shoes, and come stand on my

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