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I am a 14 years old girl who everyone finds unusual or strange. To them i am just the quite person who sits in the back of the class and writes poetry, but of course no one knows that i have been through a lot such as my one years old nephew named Mateo passed away march 4th 2011, and his second birthday was on April 28th.Also my mother is sick and i have no father. Basically i just want my poetry to get me famous so my mother can quit her lousy job as a daycare provider and she can finally rest and relax and not have to worry about anything any more.

katie aguirre's Works:

i have not written any books, but i hope i can

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No Words

I have no words
to tell you how
i feel........
I have no words
to tell you about
my pain.........
I have no words
to show you my
I have no words
and with no words
i can't tell you
I love you.......

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