Katie Nelsen

Rookie (May 7th,1997- / Cherry Point, NC.)

Biography of Katie Nelsen

My life began on May 7th,1997. I was born at Cherry Point, in North Carolina. I have come from a Military family, and I plan to continue that tradition. I am hopeful at being a future Marine. I'm 15, in 9th grade. I live in New York, New York. I love to sing, make friends, dance, read, and write poetry. I just started to write poetry, and when I first wrote my poem 'For You, Mom' I instantly fell in love with writing it. I plan to continue writing poetry, and maybe even one day going and making in a profession. One of my favorite classes would have to be English. I love literature, I think it's amazing.

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For You, Mom

When life gets hard, you're always right there.
To hold my hand, and show you care.
Even when I thought nothing was going right,
You always told me, 'Don't give up, Just fight.'
Even when I thought I couldn't hold on,
You would always hug me, and say 'Be Strong.'
That day when I was little, and I couldn't breathe,
You were right there to comfort me.
Or the time I was the Pageant Queen,

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