Katiee Laura Clements

Rookie (6th of august. / England)

Biography of Katiee Laura Clements

I am a 14 year old girl.
I dont want to be the one that hides or the one thats scared,
I want to be the one, who makes something of herself.
I am not looking for poetry to be my work when i leave school. Im looking at child care or hairdressing, I do have a part time job at my friends mums salon, but if none of these work out, im looking to write story; s.
I can be very imaginative sometimes.
But my main goal, is child care. (:

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Am I

Is it stupid thinking one day there will be an us.
Is it just hope
Is it just wonder
are you just leading me on
Dont use me like a Dummy
Im a person
I have feelings
I can be intelligent
If im just 'another ' one of 'those girls ' Leave me be.
It will only be you suffering.

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