Katrina Lemonspunk

Rookie (Dublin, Ireland)

Biography of Katrina Lemonspunk

Katrina was born in 1920 in Dublin, Ireland. For years as a child she enjoyed many poets, from Robert Frost to Emily Dickenson. I, her Grandchild, Katrina L. Lemonspunk, am trying to follow in her footsteps. Katrina K. Lemonspunk died November the 31,1989 in her home from childhood, in Dublin Ireland. She had raised me after my parents died when I was young. She taught me to love poetry. My favorite being Shel Silversten. I am now living in my Grandmothers home and writing poems and everything. In my heart, Katrina K. Lemonspunk is alive in me.

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Fall Have Left Leaves.

Didn't you know?
That the world was once not covered in snow?
That time was called Fall.

Fall loves to give.
Fall gave us the cool after the long summer's heat.
It gave us bright, new colors,
And a place for family's to meet!

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