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This is only the 14th year of my life. I was born May 28th,1999. I am in the 8th grade, though I should be in 9th, I had a rebel year in 6th grade.
When I was 2 years old, my biological father left me, my big brother (who was approximately 10 years old) and my mom. Shortly thereafter she met my stepdad and got married. January 28th,2005 my little sister April was born. My biological father has three other children whom I have never met, and do not expect to get the chance to. I have a big brother who I have lived with my entire life who is 22, and a little sister who is 9. I have 5 dogs whom I love very much; Dingle Berry, Chunk, Chewy, Jemima, and Idget. I also have goldfish, though I do not know exactly how many and we have yet to name them. I live with my mom, stepdad, and little sister. Growing up I lived in Huntsville Texas for a few years, and my Papa Joe (who died September 28th,2008) and that was in Broken Arrow, Ok. As of right now, i live in Tulsa, Ok, and am in the 8th grade. I have been writing poetry and songs for years, and have been acting a bit. I love doing Improv and have done a few Improv shows. When I was younger I was in chorus and in the 6th grade I was in band for two semesters and chorus for one. In the 5th grade I got the lead role (though its not much) in the Thanksgiving play. I am part of Youth Services of Tulsa’s GSA. I am a Gemini and have some very interesting stubborn traits; You can ask my friends and family.
Sister: April, little,9 years old
Brother: Michael, big,22 years old
Mom: Dawn, mom,41 years old
Stepdad: Chris, dad,36 years old
May 28th 1999- I was born
• John Dixon my biological father left
• My mother met my step dad
March 17th 2003- My mom and stepdad got married
July 4th 2003- I got my dog Dingle
January 28th 2005- My little sister is born
November 13th 2006- My dog Chewy was born
NOT SURE Easter one year- my mom has a seizure and is the hospital for a few days
Summer of 2008(i think) - My brother gets shot. he is fine. other than the pellet against his spine.
September 28th 2008- My papa died
May 11th 2010- My dogs Chunk and Idget are born
June 3rd 2010- I am awarded student of the year

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This Is Her Life

that girl who cries ever day
who wears ratty old clothes
and sits in the back alone
that girl you make fun of
this is her life
her daddy with a bottle of gin
mama with a bag of coke
kids with prying eyes
love shes always denied

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