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41. What About My Secrets? 4/23/2012
42. Solid Is A Word Untruthful 4/23/2012
43. Let Me Cry 4/23/2012
44. She Watched And Waited 4/29/2012
45. Silently Killed 4/29/2012
46. Out Spoken Silence 4/29/2012
47. Stuck In Life 5/2/2012
48. Which Star? 5/5/2012
49. I Didn'T Dare Tell You 5/5/2012
50. Thoughts Of The Old 3/2/2012
51. You Said 6/29/2012
52. No More 6/29/2012
53. First You'Ll Love 7/23/2012
54. I Want You Back 8/4/2012
55. What To Choose 8/4/2012
56. A Lot Of Times 12/27/2012
57. Somewhere 10/5/2013
58. Summer Haze 7/11/2012
59. Who Are You? 1/21/2012
60. Two Paths 1/26/2012
61. Shiny Swing Set 1/21/2012
62. Tears Of Salt 2/21/2012
63. Blinded By Actions 3/11/2012
64. There Is A Sign 12/28/2013
65. After Shock 1/26/2012
66. Free Will For All 4/29/2012
67. Bad Girl 3/1/2012
68. Whole Hearts 6/9/2012
69. Summer Days 5/5/2012

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Summer Days

The air is alive on a summer day
it compliments the sweet aroma that weaves within,
The air is humid on a summer day,
it sticks to the world in such a way that the wind must shake it off,
The air sings on a summer day
it rises and falls with the melody's sway,
The air is love on a summer day
it watches the lovers enjoying the weather and wonders itslef 'What could be better? '
The air surrounds on a summer day
it surrounds all and loves all and is the foundation to such a sweet summer day

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Do I Really Know You?

Do I Really Know You?
Do I really know you?
Because I don't think I do.
There's a wall that stands between us,
It shields you from my view,
You don't think I know,
You don't think I saw,
But I saw the secrets you hid from me,
For I leapt over the dreaded wall,

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