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Biography of KAUSHAL SABOO

Today I will tell you something about me, which is not known by many.
Kaushal Saboo,
Paida hone ki baat karu toh mera birth hi ek mazak tha. My mom was in hospital and my family was expecting me, any day. So my mom Played a gimmick calling everyone, ki mai hogaya.. Yeah, It was fun..but jab mai sacchi mai hoya toh saathme sirf, mai, maa, nani aur nurse thi..

Gharme sabse chota tha, that's why most lovable too..
Padhai me accha tha toh school me bhi wat tha. Life was going as smooth as sea. I was a nerd, with no passion or hobbies. I would have died being a nerd if not, I changed my school.

New School, New Friends.. Poora naya mahol tha. Cope krna hard tha.. But time make it possible. Us school me jake pata chala friendship kya hoti hai. CRICKET(Love of my life) k through hum kch jano ka ek group bana.. We even named it, " BIG BANG ROCKERS" .
We used to play, hang, party. If there are 24 hours a day, I'm with them with more than 12 hours. Once, our school organised an annual function. I still don't know why, How.. but I write shayris for it.. That was the start of my Poetry.
Teachers liked it, I got to recite them in the function, My Headmaster gave me diary to write more poems, and It was like I found my PASSION..

Honestly speaking, If i read my poems written by me then, now, They are disgusting..no meaning, no feeling, just rhyme..
Changed school again.

New Friends. Pehle wale school me sirf 3 ladkiya thi, usme se bhi ek ladke jaise dikhti thi..xD
Yaha toh bahut bhid hai..
NEW FRIENDSHIP BAND HIDES OLD ONES.. Our group was like falling.. Crushes, Senseless heart-breaks(for the one who were never yours)
I was like chalta firta Bollywood.. Bina faltu ki feelings jaga li.. Poetry toh sudhar gayi..Mai bhatak gaya..
I cleared my 10th with flying colours.

The next 2 years were turning point of my life. They changed me, my surrounding, Everything..
Anyone who's reading it..I don't want to describe this phase, just want you to know..

Can't stand on high Expectation- I lose my confidence, My attitude, and my parents' trust..

Shitty Feelings and emotions(Adultery Period) - I lost my friends! Big Bang rockers was only on books which we used to maintain our cricket statistic.

Yeah, Life moved on.. But now what i got is only myself.. I created my ego as my identity. I hate love.. If everything can be lost in fraction of seconds, then why spend so much time weaving such relations..

Log abhi mjhe kharab samajte hai..

Accha hai.. They don't know me..The day when people started judging me without listening to any explanation was the day i stopped giving Explanation..

My parents think that I'm a fucking loser..

Yeah, its true.. Loser but Fighter.. I am not now one of those nerds, studying because they have to. I do it for reason.. no one beleive me..But i do.. I trust myself.. Ki Ek din toh aisa kuch kar hi jaunga ki duniya wapis taarif karke sar pe bitha lengi..and mai unko middle finger dikha k aage badhunga..

Thank you for Reading!

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