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Biography of KAUSHAL SABOO

Hi guys... M Kaushal Saboo... Living in India, aged 16... Till first 9 yrs of my life was very boring... i don't have anything special... but then a junction is provided me when my school got changed.... I start living life at this stage... i start to know my idEntity... new friends and all dat.... i was not known ki i can write Poetry... none of my parents are from literature..... it all was a suprise fr me when don't know why bt i pen down a poem fr my school annual function.. i was nt told to do so by any of my teacher neither i was intended to do so... then this poetry reaches till principle.. and my first Poetry cast at my school annual function... Then Arvind Gore Sir helps me a lot in developing this talent. He used to give me diaries to write more and more Poetry... And so begin my life as a poet.. my life too gets a special meaning.. after dat many hits get me a tag of poet in eyes of my teachers and friends... But it is truly said life teaches u a lot.. and so does happens to me.. One more setback.. one more school change.... and we move to a new school.. at age of 15... I accept one flaw in me dat my Poems were just rhymes.. i just have to convey a messages and fr dat too i pay a special attention to rhyming scheme.. my poems, first have no emotions, no literature touch.. bt this school change provide me dat... As age, my wisdom too increases.. i got to know more about poetry, and much more but to get dat feeling of poet, one setback was needed... life has its plans.. Getting mixed to change environment, my friends get new one to walk with life.. m happy fr dem a lot.. they find their hearts to reside at a special place... but the more disturbing was that their indulging has affect our friendship bond of 6-yrs a lot... They all were change... but i was der only and like dat only... my life has its philosophy... My thinking, my values, my view, my behaviour were different from all... and motto of my life is Simple-To be unique and versetile..... Our friendship gets to more troubles.. More sorrow in life... but i remain same der.. In my whole life till today i cried 8 times... i got defeated, i.e. (people who cried becoz of me. I considered it as my defeat) .. are 5.. i just wanna spread happiness.. and in my whole school life i live to fullest, extracting happiness frm each moments... Wat den i got that thing, which was missing, in my poetries... And den start a slew of success stories, m least interested in... first step was to get the same tag of poet in new school which get possible with help of my friends.. den after the same hits in new school it was time to move up... So den many more steps ahead i gt success internationally.. My poem got selected in 70 poems selected world wide by 'UK POETRY LIBRARY' Then many such International successes.. one by one... but i never want any appreciation, recognization or reward fr it... i just want to be calm and composed.. i just write fr pleasure never to win anything.. i pour my heart out... And winning more hearts than contest, i move towards new phase of my life.. toward my dreams... Bt never stopped writing... wenever i used to get tym, i write wat my heart order to.. and one thing i believe if u r kind, true, never think bad abt anyone, always give smile to all, help everyone and innocent.. god will provide u victory... 'Attitude always determines Altitude' and so... wat i never thought dat happened... Not school, neither nation, nor world but i won UNIVERSE.... winning the MAVEN HAIKU CONTEST one of my Poems is der at MARS! ! ! ! ! ! And wat makes me happy u know.. M JUST 16! ! ! And still life is in me.. to conquer wat is left...

So Moving forward today I m sure dat I win one more heart of one who is reading dis... dats my quality......: -) : -*

Bt in dis life i want to thank ones who support me a lot.. without whom dis journey was unimaginable... My parents first of all..-VINOD SABOO AND SANGITA SABOO... their trust on me was my weapon and their love was blessing.. My SISTER MAYURI.. Cannot forget my teachers ARVIND GORE SIR, SHWETA MA'AM... THANK U ALL VERY MUCH... i also want to thanks my friends- AMAN THAKKAR, ADITYA VYAWAHARE, ADITYA TAMBAT, SIDDHANT DESHMUKH, ARYAMAN DHANDE....Thank u all of u. They always rejoice in my happiness... and it was always fun with them... whatever happens but for me they all matters and get a special place in my heart....

Then at last i want to thank God... A very special THANKS to My greatest friend who is my lives.....Love u! ! ! : -*< 3 Thanks fr reading.. thats all... good byee


Coming soon... Work in progress

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The Way!

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I Complete All, Remaining None, Pending.

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