41. A Legend 2/4/2012
42. A Saint, A Sinner And The God 2/4/2012
43. You Have Wings 2/5/2012
44. They Call It Gentle And Smile 2/8/2012
45. It Goes On... On And On.... 2/11/2012
46. I Laugh At The Sky 2/12/2012
47. Ivory Sculptors 2/12/2012
48. Towards The Oasis 2/12/2012
49. O K O K & G K 2/14/2012
50. War Horse 2/14/2012
51. In Silence And Solitude 2/16/2012
52. Not For Attar 2/17/2012
53. The Spring With Tears Of The Eyes 2/20/2012
54. Peak And The Depth 2/20/2012
55. Melting Fact Of Life 2/20/2012
56. Tears Have No Count 2/21/2012
57. Othello's Kerchief 1/27/2012
58. Walls Have Ears And Eyes Have Tears 2/21/2012
59. And So I Have My Own 2/21/2012
60. Say Good Bye 2/29/2012
61. Hand Shake With Happiness 3/4/2012
62. This World Is For Us 3/5/2012
63. You Have To Walk Alone 3/6/2012
64. Love Blossoms...2 3/14/2012
65. Her Smile Is Priceless 3/14/2012
66. Meaningful Feelings 3/15/2012
67. One Who Dismantles The Bird's Nest 3/17/2012
68. On Her Majesty's Gentle Smile 2/28/2012
69. Heart Is A Gift 3/20/2012
70. Neither The Light Nor The Shadow 4/29/2012
71. The Boat, The Ladder And The Gratitude 5/25/2012
72. Moon's Letter 5/25/2012
73. My Window Has These Four 5/25/2012
74. Beyond The Blue Waters And Beyond The White Sands 6/12/2012
75. Love Is Sacred And Silent 7/22/2012
76. Beneath The Moon 7/22/2012
77. That Rose 12/25/2012
78. Why? ..... That Is Why 2/7/2013
79. How Much? 2/12/2013
80. Sun Shine Morning Drive 6/26/2013

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  • Elaine Battersby (3/12/2012 10:46:00 AM)

    thanks for your comment about my poem vioce of truth.Much appreciated, as I have just started writing, again
    I will loking over your poems. Regards
    Elaine Battersby

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Love Blossoms...

Love blossoms without your permission
Sometimes comes the Heart's offer
And many a time it does not
Love once blossomed
Will neither fade nor loose its fragrance
It lives through the life with radiance
When it fails to get a gentle heart
Still it lives but with tear drops on its soft petals
Neither fades nor looses its softness and fragrance
Love once blossomed lives for ever ever and ever...

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The Rain

Rain lashes the shores
And rain lashes the lows
Rain floods lakes and roads
Rain put the rivers in spates
Rain immerses huts and temples alike
without discrimination while it falls
Rain clouds enact with fury Shakespearian tales
On Theatre Earth in its soliloquies to be or not to be
That is the question always but I will shower and shower

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