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A New Beginning

I have been walking in a mindless, faceless world
Everything out of focus
And I am floating in the void.
The light to which I am drawn is faint but ever there,

Quiet Moment

Every quiet moment
Leads to thoughts of him
Every night spent dreaming
Of passion felt within


She is restless in her sleep
It takes her to her truth
Her desires awaken there
Unspoken in the light of day

As One

Her body sings at His touch
And any thought of resisting flees
For there is never a moment
When She would refuse Him

Beautiful One

He makes love to my eyes with the sight of Him
He makes love to my ears at the sound of His voice
He makes love to my skin with the touch of his hand
He makes love to my soul as he enters within.

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Cliff Morman 04 February 2005

Kay after reading your poems I can tell this is'nt your first rodeo And if it is you're just a natural. pardon my spelling Thanks for some good reading

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