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I am simply me it takes more then a biography to get to know me SERIOUSLY! lol! but im a great person and i just began to love life as it is and im proud of that! i did on my own with a push from the ones i love (my friends) im really like soo really silly and crazy and fun and i realize almost everybody loves me! ! LOL! i dont know who doesnt and thats why it doesnt matter...my flaws...im impatient i cant tolerate ignorance, stupidity, and stubborness and if u know how u are please dont waist my time GOODBYE! :)

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Save Me

I have no heart at all
There's nothing left
Every beat feels like an abusive hand beating at my soul
I don't know what to do
I have no where to go
Won't somebody save me
My heart is denting crumble and trash
From the hurtful events from the present and past
Yet more pain and hurt always seems to be my future

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