Kayla Oakley Biography

Well I guess this is more of an autobiography but what the heck i'll give it a try. Well I was born on July 1st 1993 (yes I'm only 12 yrs. old) . My parents divorced when I was 4 so i don't remember any of them being together. After the divorce I went ot live with my mother in Redding CA.2 years later I was forced to live with my father (it's a long story that I don't feel like explaining) . Well I lived in Weaverville CA with my father step-mother and 2 step-brothers and my sister. The summer after 4th grade I moved back to Redding with my dad. Shortly after that I went to go live with my mother (also in Redding) . Towards the end of fifth grade I moved back to Weaverville with my father. I stayed there until the middle of 6th grade and then I moved back to Redding yet again. I stayed there until the end of winter then I moved to Chico. Now when I moved to Chico I was forced to go back to an elementary school (my previous 2 schools had been junior highs) and not only that it was a year-round school. Well I stayed there until the end of 6th grade and next year I went back to a Junior high in Chico for 7th grade. As you've probably already guessed I moved again. And guess where! Redding CA yet again. Sometimes I think htere's a magnet pulling me back to this place for a few months every year but each time I meet new people and make new friends so I guess it's worth my time. Well anyways you probably got bored 15 minutes ago and stopped reading so I might as well stop writing.

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