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Rookie (7/1/93 / Sacramento CA)

Biography of Kayla Oakley

Well I guess this is more of an autobiography but what the heck i'll give it a try. Well I was born on July 1st 1993 (yes I'm only 12 yrs. old) . My parents divorced when I was 4 so i don't remember any of them being together. After the divorce I went ot live with my mother in Redding CA.2 years later I was forced to live with my father (it's a long story that I don't feel like explaining) . Well I lived in Weaverville CA with my father step-mother and 2 step-brothers and my sister. The summer after 4th grade I moved back to Redding with my dad. Shortly after that I went to go live with my mother (also in Redding) . Towards the end of fifth grade I moved back to Weaverville with my father. I stayed there until the middle of 6th grade and then I moved back to Redding yet again. I stayed there until the end of winter then I moved to Chico. Now when I moved to Chico I was forced to go back to an elementary school (my previous 2 schools had been junior highs) and not only that it was a year-round school. Well I stayed there until the end of 6th grade and next year I went back to a Junior high in Chico for 7th grade. As you've probably already guessed I moved again. And guess where! Redding CA yet again. Sometimes I think htere's a magnet pulling me back to this place for a few months every year but each time I meet new people and make new friends so I guess it's worth my time. Well anyways you probably got bored 15 minutes ago and stopped reading so I might as well stop writing.

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What Is Beautiful?

What is beautiful?
and is it only skin deep

or does it go on for ever

through the canyons of your soul
does inner beauty really seep through
this wall called skin