KayLuh LaMonte Davis

Rookie (Honolulu, Hawaii.)

Biography of KayLuh LaMonte Davis

Im 16.
Im Bisexual.
I Live In Hawaii.
I Like Writing Poems.
Emil Says Im Better Off
As A Bands Songwriter Or
Just Another Famous Novelist.
But Im No Good At Writing Anything.
Prove Me Wrong? You Cant. Thats Truth Hun.
Anyways, Ive Been Writing Ever Since I Was Probably
4Th Grade And Won A Prize For The Poem That
I Had Written. That Was The First Time I
Ever Was Happy In My LIfe. Now Its All
Just A Big Disaster. I Dont Know
Anything Anymore. Forved To
Make Decisions I Dont
Want To. But Guess
What? I Am Truly

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Emil Baimiachkine.

Our Friendship Is Like An Ocean Far&Wide.
Filling With Memories That'll Last A Lifetime.
You Always Knew Just What To Say.
Your Always Gonna Be There When I Need You The Most.

When I Need A Shoulder To Cry On,
Yours Was There Waiting.
When I Needed Someone To Talk To,
You Was There To Come&Listen.

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