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Rookie (July 27 / Fort Frances, Ontario Canada)

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I am native american. I express myself through poetry because it's the only way I could. I lost a sister in August a very close one at the age of 15 and a cousin in May he was 18. I am 15 years old I've been currently writing poetry since I was 12 some I thought were amazing but some weren't but all my poems are mostly about love and feeling sad, hopefully someday I would write about the happiest day. If you want to know me better you could send me an inbox message and i would do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. there is stuff that happened in my life that may be in my poems but i just gotta live through the days the hard ones especially. I like being an ear to someone and not be judgmental thats how i grew up ot be i didnt want to leave people hurting my friends i tried but i couldnt do no matter what i did i had a soft heart and tried helping when they asked. so i just Hope you like my poems and leave a comment :) . Thank you.

Kaytilyn Liebe's Works:

I don't publish books. my poems are regularly in my notebooks at home.

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For You Nicole Amber

As I stare up at the open blue sky
I wonder where you are?
Are you with me all the way?
Well lots of questions unanswered because you're not here to answer
These days and nights linger right on by
I miss the way you laugh when your eyes are bright and happy
You were the closet person I trusted on this earth
Now I walk alone without you in my life
Watch over me until I am buried six feet under

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