Kazi Nazrul Islam

(24 May 1899 - 29 August 1976 / Bardhaman / India)

Kazi Nazrul Islam Poems

41. Ghor-Chhara Chhele Akasher Chad Ay Re 5/30/2012
42. Madinate Esechhe Soi Nobin Soudagor 5/30/2012
43. Desh Priyo Nai 5/30/2012
44. Lokhmi Ma Tui Ay Go Uthe Sagor-Jole Sinan Kori 5/30/2012
45. Sodeshi 5/30/2012
46. Hindu-Muslim Duti Vai 5/30/2012
47. Ei Desh Kar 5/30/2012
48. With The Late Monsoon's Light Clouds 5/30/2012
49. One Who Meditates On The Prophet 5/30/2012
50. My Boat 5/30/2012
51. Offering 5/30/2012
52. Memories Of Liking 5/30/2012
53. Coward 5/30/2012
54. Faith And Hope 5/30/2012
55. Never Forget Me 5/30/2012
56. By The Wood 5/30/2012
57. My Beauty 5/30/2012
58. The Nightingale Is Silent 5/30/2012
59. Ever Unafraid 5/30/2012
60. The Eternal Child 5/30/2012
61. Robbers And Dacoits 5/30/2012
62. The Red Torch Of Islam 5/30/2012
63. What Sweet Wine Is This 5/30/2012
64. Fateha-I-Doazdaham [the Passing Away] 5/30/2012
65. Come With Hari 5/30/2012
66. My Songs 5/30/2012
67. Proclamation 5/30/2012
68. My Song-Bird Is Tired 5/30/2012
69. Pain Of The Poor 5/30/2012
70. Hey, Lovers Of Medinites 5/30/2012
71. With Islam As The Merchandise 5/30/2012
72. Come On Quick Go To Madina 5/30/2012
73. The Muslims No Longer Rise 5/30/2012
74. Help Me Do The Crossing 5/30/2012
75. The Eons In Waiting 5/30/2012
76. Why Did You Wake My Dear 5/30/2012
77. Life (Keu Bhole Na Keu Bhole) 5/30/2012
78. The More You Elude Me 5/30/2012
79. Who Walked Out 5/30/2012
80. For The Poets Of The Future 5/30/2012

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  • Mohymenul islam Mohymenul islam (1/5/2012 1:38:00 AM)

    I know he write more of pomes,
    ]only 4 pomes add this site,
    i am not satisfied, i want more,
    i like him, he is my most favourite poet.

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Best Poem of Kazi Nazrul Islam


I sing the song
of equality;
In my view gender difference
is essentially a triviality.
Everything that is great in the world,
all the works, beneficial and good,
half must be credited to woman,
and to man half only we should.

All the vice or bad in the world,
and the pain or flowing tear,
for half, man should be blamed,
the other half only woman should bear.

Who belittles you as woman,
connecting you to Hell's flame?
Tell him that for the first ever sin
not woman, but man must carry the blame.

Or, it may be that sin or Satan
is ...

Read the full of Woman

Coming Of Anondomoyee

How much longer will you
stay hidden behind a clay statue?
Heaven today is subjugated by merciless tyrants.
God's children are getting whipped, heroic youth-hanged.
India today is a butchery-when will you arrive, O Destroyer?
God's soldiers are serving terms of hard labor exiled to desolate islands.
Who will come to the battlefield
unless you come with your sword in your hand?

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