Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

Rookie (28th May 1986 / Nigeria)

Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha Poems

1. Only You 3/6/2006
2. Daring 3/6/2006
3. African Evening 3/20/2006
4. Decency 3/20/2006
5. Generative Extinction: Your Quota 3/20/2006
6. Why Venture 8/26/2007
7. Poetic Orgy 8/26/2007
8. No Gimmicks 4 U 8/26/2007
9. In Rationality 8/26/2007
10. Asinine Impacting Knowledge 8/26/2007
11. Nigeria’s Puzzling Crashes 8/26/2007
12. Re- Presenting Africa 8/26/2007
13. Waiting On Love 8/26/2007
14. Morbid Ambition 8/26/2007
15. Whip Chewing (An Act) 11/27/2007
16. Freedom Is Anarchy 1/18/2008
17. Emotional Nourishment Deprived (End) 1/18/2008
18. Fiend Friends Ii 1/18/2008
19. Loving Mother Lizzy 1/18/2008
20. Darling Daddy 1/18/2008
21. No Deceit 1/18/2008
22. All His Making 1/18/2008
23. Trust In Antiquity 1/18/2008
24. Revived From Slumber 1/18/2008
25. My Demeanor 1/18/2008
26. Night After The Rain 1/18/2008
27. I Taste Brilliance 1/18/2008
28. Esqua Material? 1/18/2008
29. Amateur Family 1/18/2008
30. Indication 1/18/2008
31. The Face Of Seduction 1/18/2008
32. January 1 1/18/2008
33. That Girl 1/18/2008
34. Rhymes For My Maker 1/18/2008
35. Chassis Phrase 1/18/2008
36. Conquering Fantasy 4/21/2008
37. Fiend- Friends I 4/21/2008
38. My Underpinnings: Where Art Thou? 6/11/2008
39. Overwhelming Impact 6/11/2008
40. Lost Glory 3/20/2006

Comments about Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

  • Samuel Nze (4/28/2005 12:05:00 PM)

    I must apologize for the misplaced anger that informed all my previous comments on this account; I also appreciate the magnanimity of KcTony who has not allowed the ill-directed vituperations to affect our good relationship. There is no logical reason to think that he was responsible for tampering with my scores, and I dare say that someone is victimizing his own scores maybe out of misplaced sympathy for me. I ask such a person to desist from giving Kc one out of ten all the time - there are actually two of theses individuals. Please stop giving good poetry bad scores, I beg you! ! ! Please, let us not have to take this to the authorities at P-and-Q; let us all be friends all the way, for Kc's sake, okay? Thank you all. And Kc, take heart; the storm is over - I believe so. Amen.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 10:04:00 AM)

    Hence, for your spiritual health I advise you to desist from tampering with my scores if you have been dooing so. I do have spiritual powers, and I sure can use them.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 10:03:00 AM)

    For your benefit, and to show you how it hurt me, this is the email I sent to all those I suspect as playing with my scores on pandq: Are these trying times, when a person cannot have respite from envious ones? Do people have no better job to do? I came to my p-and-q accouont only to find out that some devil - for the person cannot be any other than the devil himself, and God will punish both he and his family forever and ever; I pronounced that solemn curse some minutes ago - has rated as many as eight of my poems, to say nothing of the quotes, one out of five; this is sheer malice, as I know that even if I compose a poem in the bathroom, it cannot be a one. I repeat a portion of the 129th psalm: 'May (he or she) be thrown into confusion; be routed for hating (my progress): be blasted by winds from the East like grass sprouting on the roof. For roof grass never yet filled reaper's arm or binder's lap, and no one passing them will ever say 'Yahweh's blessing on you, we bless you in the name of Yahweh.'' Amen. The person who did this will REMAIN CURSED BY ME FORVER AND EVER. Every breath I take from henceforth will be a spiritual calculation to curse him and his family forever. I will enter the requisite ritual for this, and I will invoke all the gods and spirits at my disposal to destroy the person for good. Enough is enough. I do not care who he or she is; my eternal wrath be on him and his family - through my blood - either I die or he or she remain cursed. I HEREBY PLACE A CURSE ON WHOEVER TAMPERED WITH MY POEM RATINGS; MAY HE OR SHE AND THE PERSON'S FAMILY BE CURSED UPON THE SPIRITUAL WORTH OF MY BLOOD FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. (THE SPIRITUAL VALUE IS MY BLOOD) . AMEN. I sign it on the Munachim lineage and whatever it is worth, in Jesus name, and in the name of the son of the most holy spirit, amen.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 9:46:00 AM)

    It is unfair to rate a good poem one out of five - if you were the one would you like it?

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 9:44:00 AM)

    Sorry I am reaching you this way - I could not do otherwise.

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Best Poem of Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

Beautiful; Our World

Looking across the horizon
befuddlement cuddles me
beautiful celestial landscape
that swallows the skyline in royalty
paints pictures- portraits of aesthetics
An extraordinary motion picture
with birds flapping-fluttering-flying across
Roaming white on blue
shades of gray, radiant ray of red
brandished beauty, I brazenly behold
Our world is a pretty picture pack

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Lost Glory

Goodnight Africa!
I cry for Mama Africa
Mama’s children once united in love
vying for their brothers
protecting and loving their sisters

Now night has beclouded you
Your voice less that of the ewe
Only sonorous in foreign cove

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