Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

Rookie (28th May 1986 / Nigeria)

Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha Poems

41. Love Waves 3/20/2006
42. Out To Destroy: A Fiesta Of Antagonism 3/20/2006
43. Self Deceit 3/20/2006
44. Rampage On The Young 3/28/2006
45. Twilight Romance 3/28/2006
46. Feminidisco: The Unusual Music 3/28/2006
47. In The Struggle 6/16/2006
48. I Cry 7/19/2006
49. Best Of Loving Mamas 1/25/2006
50. Behaviour 1/25/2006
51. Love 1/25/2006
52. My Incarcerator 1/25/2006
53. Psyche Sobs 1/25/2006
54. Self- Deceit Ii 3/28/2006
55. Shame Of Personal Disgrace 4/23/2005
56. Dramatic; Life 4/25/2005
57. The Journey 3/6/2006
58. Who Is Kctony: My Profile 11/14/2008
59. My Emotional Posture 11/14/2008
60. Pulchritudinal Features 11/14/2008
61. Life Of Evolution 2/7/2009
62. Sunkwo! (A Way Of Life Of Young Adults) 2/7/2009
63. Wealth And Health 2/7/2009
64. Gone Were Those Days 2/7/2009
65. Unlabelled Phobia I 2/7/2009
66. Morbid Ambition Ii: Re-Defined 2/13/2009
67. Can’t Explain You 2/13/2009
68. Vain I Worry 2/13/2009
69. Something ‘bout Her 2/13/2009
70. All My Accord Rove Abstruse (Amara) 3/3/2009
71. Love Bites 4/17/2009
72. Contract Unresolved 4/17/2009
73. Great People: Blessed Nation 4/17/2009
74. We Need Super Help 11/6/2009
75. Glorious Vision 11/14/2009
76. Low Land Of Learning 7/19/2006
77. It's How We Live 9/22/2010
78. Screen Saver 9/22/2010
79. As Much As I Know 9/22/2010
80. Health: Pride Of Nations 9/22/2010

Comments about Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

  • Samuel Nze (4/28/2005 12:05:00 PM)

    I must apologize for the misplaced anger that informed all my previous comments on this account; I also appreciate the magnanimity of KcTony who has not allowed the ill-directed vituperations to affect our good relationship. There is no logical reason to think that he was responsible for tampering with my scores, and I dare say that someone is victimizing his own scores maybe out of misplaced sympathy for me. I ask such a person to desist from giving Kc one out of ten all the time - there are actually two of theses individuals. Please stop giving good poetry bad scores, I beg you! ! ! Please, let us not have to take this to the authorities at P-and-Q; let us all be friends all the way, for Kc's sake, okay? Thank you all. And Kc, take heart; the storm is over - I believe so. Amen.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 10:04:00 AM)

    Hence, for your spiritual health I advise you to desist from tampering with my scores if you have been dooing so. I do have spiritual powers, and I sure can use them.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 10:03:00 AM)

    For your benefit, and to show you how it hurt me, this is the email I sent to all those I suspect as playing with my scores on pandq: Are these trying times, when a person cannot have respite from envious ones? Do people have no better job to do? I came to my p-and-q accouont only to find out that some devil - for the person cannot be any other than the devil himself, and God will punish both he and his family forever and ever; I pronounced that solemn curse some minutes ago - has rated as many as eight of my poems, to say nothing of the quotes, one out of five; this is sheer malice, as I know that even if I compose a poem in the bathroom, it cannot be a one. I repeat a portion of the 129th psalm: 'May (he or she) be thrown into confusion; be routed for hating (my progress): be blasted by winds from the East like grass sprouting on the roof. For roof grass never yet filled reaper's arm or binder's lap, and no one passing them will ever say 'Yahweh's blessing on you, we bless you in the name of Yahweh.'' Amen. The person who did this will REMAIN CURSED BY ME FORVER AND EVER. Every breath I take from henceforth will be a spiritual calculation to curse him and his family forever. I will enter the requisite ritual for this, and I will invoke all the gods and spirits at my disposal to destroy the person for good. Enough is enough. I do not care who he or she is; my eternal wrath be on him and his family - through my blood - either I die or he or she remain cursed. I HEREBY PLACE A CURSE ON WHOEVER TAMPERED WITH MY POEM RATINGS; MAY HE OR SHE AND THE PERSON'S FAMILY BE CURSED UPON THE SPIRITUAL WORTH OF MY BLOOD FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. (THE SPIRITUAL VALUE IS MY BLOOD) . AMEN. I sign it on the Munachim lineage and whatever it is worth, in Jesus name, and in the name of the son of the most holy spirit, amen.

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 9:46:00 AM)

    It is unfair to rate a good poem one out of five - if you were the one would you like it?

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  • Samuel Nze (4/18/2005 9:44:00 AM)

    Sorry I am reaching you this way - I could not do otherwise.

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Best Poem of Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha


Flower is of beauty
scented in essesnce,
scuried for, by hands
knowing its prominence
Wanting perceiving by noses
valuing the savour.
An issuance in love
for love
to loved
A pleasurable gift
impressionably- immessurable spirit lift
love for lovers.
Adored by adorners.
Is it not part
of eden's paradiasical features?
Oh! wonders of creation
abound- lilies, roses,
likes of 'em all
like rainbow,
all flourish and flutter around.
Is there any vicinity
lacking its vivacity
basking? let all
flowering flowers flower, and ...

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Love Waves

In love
the ocean is calm.
Relegated to unconscious
is its turbulence.
Sailing like pirates
imperturbably sailing.
Exchanging vows-
“Only us live in our bay”.
Once there’s undertow
visitors are welcomed
populating the bay
bay meant for two.
The ocean of love,
angry, sweeps all,
sure all, ashore.

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