Kedi PrettyNice Mochochoko

Rookie (1990/04/22 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Biography of Kedi PrettyNice Mochochoko

KEDI PRETTYNICE MOCHOCHOKO is a student in one of the high education universities in S.A, North West University, the Vaal Campus.
At only the age of 19, she writes very spiritual poetry.Her love for poetry began years ago while still in high school, but it started with inspiration to write novels.

'I was born and grew up in a very poor family situation and grew up not having to know my father. The situation back at home was so poor that we had to travel miles to school come what may', she says.
At her 11th year of school she stayed alone while her mother was busy out there not caring for her and her studies were flactuating.

All that had made her take a second look at life and she became very aggressive.'I am a very spiritual young lady, I always go further deeply at every situation in life and I enjoy my own space that my friends always say that I like spacing out', she says, 'and i see nothing wrong'. Updates

An Unforgettable Night

Dreams of the night so close,
Ever so near like the shadow of a ghost,
Wishing it won't be the worst,
Feelings of desire not lost.

I see through your eyes what's on your mind,
You look at mine and make me blind,
I touch your lips you touch mine,
And exchange fantasies all the time.

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