Keel Lincoln

Rookie ((DOB: It was one of those days where the sun came up, and then went down again.) / Kinshasa, DRC (former Zaire))

Biography of Keel Lincoln

Ask a penguin about me, he'll tell you all you need to know. I saw him yesterday, before the doctors gave me this medication for my Schizophrenia and now I can't find him anywhere...Sadness. Maybe he'll be back tomorrow, then again, Godot might be too. Updates

Love Is Complex

Love is the most complicated of emotions,
The most confusing of feelings,
Running through all, affecting everyone’s commotion,
The vastest of our dealings.

Love fills me with wonder and delight,
So that every day I wish to feel it again,
Love also tears me down, filling my pain with fright,
So that every day I wish it had never happened.

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