Keel Lincoln

Rookie ((DOB: It was one of those days where the sun came up, and then went down again.) / Kinshasa, DRC (former Zaire))

Biography of Keel Lincoln

Ask a penguin about me, he'll tell you all you need to know. I saw him yesterday, before the doctors gave me this medication for my Schizophrenia and now I can't find him anywhere...Sadness. Maybe he'll be back tomorrow, then again, Godot might be too. Updates


I try one cheek to the pillow, then try the other cheek,
I try my front, then I try my back,
For the time being I have forgotten how to sleep,
Trapped in my head the fearless fright,
Of what’s been kept out of sight,
Waiting for the sunshine’s rays so bright,
In these dark hours of yet another sleepless night,

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