Kefentse Sathekge

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Biography of Kefentse Sathekge

South african, born in the apartheid(racial segregation) era. Discovered poetry in my last years of high school.My poetry changes with time & so do my skills & my choice of words. my mission is to write poems everyone can read & enjoy, but i do not compromise on quality and style. i take great pride on the quality of my work. Updates

Black Coffee

It is like hot brewed coffee with no milk.
It slithers in between, its warmth ensnares.
Once in you, there is no word to define it.
You try to talk, only gust of air
breezes out. You start to quake,
And there is only one thing in this world that
Can make you feel this way....
But I guess you will never get to taste it,
As it is never the same with a creamer.

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