Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

Rookie (25-11-1987 / RWANDA, GISENYI)

Biography of Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

Keith Anastase KAMOSSO poet

I’m no messiah to anyone’s world. I’m nothing but bones and air in the bag that you call 'Fresh'; Combined both together it gave out this figure you see. I bleed red, cry tears, break like cracked cheese, I am nobody but just a man with a pen in hands, a paper and a mind to think. Poetry is a life, a friend and a lover. Updates

What Happen, Us Or You?


This is not what I hunted, this not what I desired
This is the misery, not existence
This is the hurricane through my lost soul.

Hell is this world, into the gloomy and allegory
Hell is the slaughter and never found wealth
Hell is a vista of innocents’ grave.

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