keith Durante

Rookie (4/29/54 / Jersey City, New Jersey)

keith Durante Poems

1. When Autumn Leaves Fly 3/27/2012
2. While Love Is Left To Dreaming 3/27/2012
3. Oh! You Woodstock Child 3/27/2012
4. Cosmic Blues 3/27/2012
5. Human Awaken 3/27/2012
6. One Less To Give 3/27/2012
7. The Symphony Of Our Reality 3/27/2012
8. Many Times The Sinner 3/27/2012
9. It Takes But A Moment 3/27/2012
10. One Gentle Light 3/27/2012
11. Her Last Smile In The Rain 3/27/2012
12. The Writer's Pen 3/27/2012
13. Let Freedom Be The Toll 3/28/2012
14. How Wondrous To Smile 3/29/2012
15. I Call Upon All Of You 4/4/2012
16. Forever And An Hour 4/5/2012
17. If Ever My Memory Fades 4/5/2012
18. I Saw A Homeless Man 4/8/2012
19. Half Finished No More 4/11/2012
20. The Shadow Dancer 4/12/2012
21. Under A Cold Moon 4/12/2012
22. I Could Not Cry 4/13/2012
23. The Lord Loves Rock And Roll 4/14/2012
24. Come Away From There 4/14/2012
25. Love Enters Tender And Bold 4/15/2012
26. Maybe Heaven Is Coffee 4/15/2012
27. How Simple Can Simple Be 4/15/2012
28. Upon This Yoke I Feed 4/15/2012
29. To Live The Love I Surmise 4/23/2012
30. Butterflies And Roses 3/27/2012
31. A Cog In The Machine 3/27/2012
Best Poem of keith Durante

A Cog In The Machine

So come now and gather,
young henchmen you design,
more work with less help,
this 'new' workplace you refine;

ever increasing workload demands,
as hunger stills our steadfast hands,
muscles rip, ligaments tear, fueling despair,
corporate dollar profits increase their share;

children run the streets at dinnertime,
parents bleed and sweat for one more dime,
if only to squeeze one more penny of content,
and pray to God to pay the rent;

herein lies the fate of the poor,
not to expect anything more,
service to the kindly corporate ...

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When Autumn Leaves Fly

Outside my window leaves tumble to the ground,
slowly rolling without the slightest sound,
a blue grey sky just waiting overhead,
autumn leaves gently hurry summer to bed;

here in this moment, where seasons collide,
how many leaves have taken this ride,
soaring, diving, and floating on the breeze,
revealing the weathered skin of naked trees;

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