Keith Johnson

Silver Star - 3,021 Points [Joe Shorrocks] (9th June 1944 / Cheshire, England)

Keith Johnson Poems

201. Shelley's Sonnet For Theresa May -new- 9/11/2017
202. Stable Node -new- 9/11/2017
203. Soul Taker - Judgment Day 2/12/2015
204. Angela Merkel's Poem for her Lost Russian Lover - презрение не ревность - Contempt Not Jealousy 2/12/2015
205. Riverton Dawn 2/12/2015
206. The Drop Bear 10/18/2014
207. Morning Walk At Evans Bay 10/27/2014
208. What The World Needs Now 9/11/2014
209. The Wisdom In The Rending Wind - The Ruru Or Morepork 10/16/2013
210. For An Old Love - Jill Clayburgh (1944 - 2010) 10/17/2013
211. Fat With The Promise Of Lean Streaks 7/24/2014
212. The Fine Print Of Purgatory - For Seamus Heaney 10/17/2013
213. This Is How They Ara: The Tuatara 10/16/2013
214. Patrick The Blue Heeler Cattle Dog 10/16/2013
215. One Kooka Short Of A Barbecue - The Kookaburra 10/16/2013
216. Monday Crossroads - Epifanio De Los Santos Expressway, Metro Manila 10/17/2013
217. Penguin Love Knot Sealed - Monty, Mabel And Willy 2/12/2015
218. By Hook Or By Cook? The Saltwater Crocodile 10/16/2013
219. Modesty Their Standard [ice Picks And Violets] 11/12/2014
220. Ode To An Australian Magpie 10/16/2013
221. Moments In Waitarere - New Year 2015 2/12/2015
222. The Kaka [nz Parrot] And The Kuku [nz Wood Pigeon] – Funny Old Birds 10/16/2013
223. The Poetry Reading 8/7/2017
224. Hunt The Edge For What Is Yet Unsought 7/3/2017
225. Caws, Nurses And Muses 7/13/2015
226. On The Philosophy Of Life 9/6/2017
227. Comfort -new- 9/19/2017
228. Grubby Grub 10/16/2013
229. Matariki [maori New Year] 6/20/2017
230. Winnin' Streak -new- 9/19/2017
Best Poem of Keith Johnson

Winnin' Streak

But Strewth, the winnin'! Ow they loves this ‘frill
Scrabblin' with the kids at Bondi on the beach
When a ‘wowser' gets yous double-word
And Strine is spelt as well as heard:
Fer Auntie Lil is on the plonk and puzzlin' still
And Uncle Norm is lost for words until
He pulls a double-zed he's hidden out of reach
In his togs like a nipper with a purloined peach -
At which Dad squares up Norm for biffo
If he dirty-deals with budgie-smugglin' lingo
But Mum is equal to this shonky deal
And puts down 'prezzie' with a bonza squeal
At which Cutie Tiffany comes ...

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The Taipan

The taipan is an 8 foot snake
Whose treading on is some mistake.

Deep in the Aussie Outback yonder
If off the beaten track you wander
You may feel an elapid mandibular crush -
Then a shikkering neurotoxic rush
While its haemolytics clot the blood -
And curse the spot where once you stood.

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