Keith Michael

Rookie (new brunswick, new jersey)

Keith Michael Poems

41. Early Bee Gets The Pollen 11/26/2012
42. Please Secure The Cure 11/27/2012
43. Two Hells, And Theres No Coming Back 12/13/2012
44. Nephram Cyclas 12/15/2012
45. Jazz Shop Coffee Quartet 12/16/2012
46. 17 Second Secret 12/16/2012
47. Night With Shakespeare 12/16/2012
48. Conspiracy Theory 12/23/2012
49. Transcendentist 12/30/2012
50. Waves From The Coming Storm 12/30/2012
51. I Dream Of Wars 12/30/2012
52. Lifes Hardest Lesson 12/30/2012
53. Robin Hook 12/30/2012
54. Disney 12/30/2012
55. 272 Hours 12/30/2012
56. Asterisk Reward 12/30/2012
57. From This, Warmth 12/30/2012
58. Duplicate Excesses 12/30/2012
59. Last Chance 12/30/2012
60. Emit Trohs 12/30/2012
61. Streetlight Claims Desire, Said Barlon Mrando 1/7/2013
62. A Crests Net 5/31/2013
63. Crisis: Conscious 6/1/2013
64. I Have Not Read This 6/1/2013
65. Front Dime Store Psycho Cable 6/1/2013
66. Nj Teachers 6/1/2013
67. One/Empty/Bottle 11/27/2012
68. Hopelessly Witty, Endlessly Romantic 12/12/2012
69. My Muse, My Work In Progress 12/12/2012
70. Quilted Blanket For T(W) O 12/12/2012
71. The Only Good Thing I'Ve Ever Wrote 12/12/2012
72. Flora: Yield Dear 6/1/2013
73. ? 6/1/2013
74. History Of The World, A Short Story 6/1/2013
75. Such A Pretty Girl, You Were 6/1/2013
76. Electic Glass Casket 6/1/2013
77. Alekap Htiek 6/1/2013
78. Repeat Competitive Shut Off 6/1/2013
79. That Train Guy 6/1/2013
80. My Mother 5/10/2013

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National Socialist Reform Party

why is war something where we all have to get involved, whoever starts it and declares it, should fight it. send in the politicians and their sons, their wives, and then see how fast they are to sign a treaty. but once you send me off to war, you have more leeway to fight. you won't worry about how my parents feel, about how they'll be so heartbroken when they get that officer at their door with a letter that holds the inevitable. so lets not go around just starting wars and getting our noses involved over seas. they have been around for thousands of years before us and i highly doubt ...

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light up the sky and we ride to the sunset, get an upclose look at the beauty first hand, hold it and imagine yourself in my constant company. building buildings to tear them down and reconcile our first wishes. empires were born under us, and we ruled, our rules written for history to patch our work together, piece by piece, to complete the puzzl

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