Keith Moynihan O' Brien

Rookie (Cork, Ireland)

Biography of Keith Moynihan O' Brien

Keith Moynihan O' Brien poet

Keith started writing poetry at the age of 11 until he was 22. Predominantly seen through the prism of teenage life, his poetry dealt with the usual mix of love, questioning the self, emotion, and a gradual maturation.

His works went largely unnoticed until some were posted online by some people in the explosion of social networking in the early 2000s. Initially distancing himself from the earlier immature poetic style, he now accepts it as the beginning of an evolution of his worldview, and his place in it.

He still writes, but hasn't released his recent work to the public as yet; themes are mostly political, and about his experiences of emigration and travel.. Updates


Magicians are we, with sleight of hand and eye,
Can turn the serious into the rye.
Great jesters are we, who build on laughter an ivory tower
And fool ourselves that the storm is but a shower.

We perform tricks that man can not yet explain!
Why hearts can vanish, and yet in the chest remain.
We create trapdoors for some dramatic exit,
And from shadow to darkness quietly flit;

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